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College students plan 'March for Education' to oppose budget cuts

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Katherine Summerfield is a Murray State senior majoring in theater, and she's taking on a serious tone for her latest role.

"We're passionate, and that's what I love to see —that people are getting passionate and speaking their minds," Summerfield said of Gov. Matt Bevin's proposed cuts to higher education.

Summerfield, along with other students across the state, will be in Frankfort Thursday as part of a state-wide march for education. Summerfield believes Bevin's proposals could mean layoffs and fewer performances in the theater department. "To down scale in that amount would be so awful for their education. They wouldn't get that opportunity to learn on shows they have been," she said. 

Other students are also planning to march, including Murray State junior Emily Ferguson.

"Just showing up and showing that we care, hat we were actually informed and that this is important to us, can hopefully turn some heads," Ferguson told Local 6.

She is in the English department and said any cuts could prevent future students from applying. "If they are coming into a school that they know the budget has been cut so much, that the programs are under-performing, then why would they come in?" she asked.

It's a unified message they hope the governor hears loud and clear, because that's how they plan to use their voice. "This country will prosper if old men plant trees that they will never see the shade of," Summerfield said. 

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