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Encrypted messaging app used by terrorists

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As the FBI continues to put pressure on Apple to break into the iPhone 5c of a suspected terrorist, the agency has other problems trying to tap into the communication circles of terrorists.

Several apps in both the iTune’s App Store and Google Play encrypt messages that can self-destruct after they are read. Telegram Messenger is widely considered to be the preferred messenger for terrorists, including those within ISIS.

Telegram has been around about two and a half years and was launched by two Russian brothers who wanted to find a secure way to communicate that law enforcement would not be able to access. Telegram announced this week it had over 100­ million active monthly users and that it is being used to send over 15­ billion messages each day.

Because messages are encrypted, only the user and receiver can view them. And, because the app is based in Russia, the FBI has no jurisdiction to ask for data. The app is free and works with all smartphones and desktop computer apps, and there is a web version for users who don’t want to download a program.

Telegram has been used by terrorists within ISIS to send out propaganda and instructions. Last year, Telegram did attempt to shut down any channel proved to be used by ISIS.

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