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Counties affected by flooding won't receive relief from FEMA

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A bumpy ride through Alexander County is putting county leaders in a rough financial situation.

"Just in the roads alone, we have $3 million worth of road damage," said County Board Chairman Chalen Tatum.

That's $3 million Tatum said the county doesn't have. Because FEMA isn't giving the state money to clean up, Tatum is making a bold prediction on how long the county will take to complete the work. "There'll be some roads may be 10 years before we get to them, because they are covered in 5, 6 feet of sand," he told Local 6.

Water was so high along Miller City Road that those who live there had to use a boat to get around. Some homeowners are just now returning.

"It was a 500 year flood. Not supposed to happen in five years," said Troy Wilburn.  He lived through Flood 2011. He experienced high waters again this year.  Wilburn works on a farm and is just now beginning to start over.

"As far as to come in and do anything, was a month anyway," he said of the time it took to get back on the farm.

Tatum said the county doesn't have any other option than to repair roads when there is enough county money to cover the costs. Right now, crews are putting in a filler to get by. It's not the desired design but one Tatum said the county must take in order to keep the roads from falling completely apart. "It's going to be a long time before we get back to normal," Tatum said.

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