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Despite distance, Livingston Co. Republicans caucus in Draffenville

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Most counties had their own polling location, but Carlisle County Republicans had to travel to Ballard County and Livingston County GOP voters polled in Marshall. We’ve been following a growth in registered Republican voters and a loss in Democrats in the Local 6 area. The number didn’t point to a big turnout from Livingston County Republicans.

In all of our 13 counties, we see fairly large increases in the GOP. In only 4 months, we see 650 more Republicans in McCracken County and 217 in Marshall. Livingston had the smallest uptick, with only 16 additional registered GOP voters.

Being in a room full of like-minded people is exciting for Jennifer Ferrell, who traveled from Livingston County to Marshall to cast her vote for Ted Cruz. “It actually gives Kentucky a say to who the nominee will be,” Ferrell said about the caucus.

She was nervous about the turnout, but says with the long lines, she’s optimistic for her party and her county. “If we have a good turnout today, I'm hoping in the future we can have our own caucus.”

Also from Livingston County was Kathleen Moodie. She made the trip to vote for Donald Trump. “The reason that everybody's against trump is cause there scared we're going to take America back. And trump is with us,” Moodie commented.

Moodie’s road trip didn’t include her husband, who is also a Trump backer. He didn’t want to risk missing the Kentucky Wildcats, she said. She said maybe if the polls were closer he would have come. 

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