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Democrats debate trade, guns and Flint's water crisis

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FLINT, Mich. (AP) -

Bernie Sanders says he's glad that Hillary Clinton has "discovered religion" on trade.
At the CNN Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan on Sunday, Sanders accused Clinton of supporting "disastrous trade agreements" that he says have led to job losses.
Clinton said there needs to be both "carrots and sticks" so that manufacturers make investments in the U.S.
Earlier, Clinton echoed calls by her rival for the resignation of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan in the aftermath of Flint's lead-tainted water crisis.
Both candidates also said people at the Environmental Protection Agency should their lose jobs over the water crisis.
Clinton and Sanders also tussled over whether gun manufacturers should have legal liability when their weapons are used in crimes.
Clinton said giving immunity to gun makers and sellers "was a terrible mistake."
Sanders has said his support for the 2005 law was in part an effort to protect small gun shops in his home state of Vermont. He says during the debate that Clinton's approach could amount to "ending gun manufacturing in America."

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