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What the Tech: Social Media on the Campaign Trail

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The remaining 6 presidential candidates are trying to win votes, traveling around the country and placing commercials just about everywhere.

They are also using social media, especially Twitter. But are the candidates really tweeting?

The oldest candidate Bernie Sanders has two Twitter accounts. Both are updated and verified.

Like most candidates, it's his campaign staff tweeting. You can tell if he is tweeting by -B, everything else if from a staff member.

Hillary Clinton does the same thing, signing her tweets with -H. Other tweets are from staffers.

Marco Rubio's staff doesn't tweet very much and Ted Cruz's staff tweets even less.

John Kasich's team tweets as much as Clinton and livestreams videos whenever he's speaking.

Trump doesn't tweet much and doesn't have his staff tweet for him, but when he does he makes the most of it.

None of the candidates are very active on Facebook, making some voters wonder just how any of them are in touch with where Americans spend the most time.

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