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Road conditions impacted by rain, floods

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Local 6 made a series of calls to area Sheriff's Departments around 3:30 Thursday morning. Several counties report "water over roads" in the area. Here's the list we compiled for Local 6 TODAY.

McCracken County

Barricades up along Houser and Mayfield Roads.

Drive slowly through the intersection of Barnes and Oaks Roads.

Calloway County

Portions of Old Salem Road near the 2500 block are under water.

Marshall County

Portions of Millikin Road are under water.

Portions of Slickback Road are under water.

The 200 block of Wadesboro Road is under water.

Hickman County

Portions of Highway 51 near Highway 1529 is under water. The Sheriff's department wants drivers to take an alternate route.

Portions of 307 South are under water.

Portions of 58 East at the county line are under water.

Several counties we called said they do not have reports of problems. That list includes, Graves County, Carlisle County, Ballard County, Livingston County and Fulton County.

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