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Spring allergy season comes early

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Trees are already starting to bloom. That means you might start to see your allergies act up earlier in the year than usual.

That means another trip to the pharmacy for Martha Simmons, whose husband has severe allergies. 

"He can't breathe. His nose is stuffed up," said Simmons.

She says her husband's allergies sometimes keep them both up through the night.

"Sometimes we even have to go riding late at night to clear his head," she said.

Ryan Timmons with Rick's Pharmacy says he usually sees customers, like Simmons, coming in for allergy medications later in the month, but not this year.

"With it going 70 degrees in March, there's been more and more people coming to get over-the-counter and prescription antihistamines," said Timmons.

"El Nino can basically just change the timing of the problem," said Dr. John Cecil with the Cecil Clinic.

Cecil says the warm weather could be why some might be having allergies earlier in the spring. He says if you have allergies, it's best not to let the outside air get through doors or windows.

"If you want fresh air, go outside. Keep your house closed up, filters going," Cecil said.

Cecil says another way you can prepare is by taking over-the-counter medications once you start feeling your allergies kicking in. Cecil also says if you haven't found anything that works for you, you can look into getting prescription medications for your allergies.

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