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Local sheriff's deputy reflects on shooting of a Simpson County deputy

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Calloway County, KY -

Domestic violence is a problem around the country and right here at home. One in three women and one in four men are victims of some form of physical violence in their lifetime. That alarming statistic shows just how dangerous the job of a police officer can be.

Simpson County, Kentucky, sheriff’s deputy Eddie Lawson remains in the hospital Friday night. He was shot trying to serve a warrant for domestic assault Thursday.

Kentucky State Police says Ben Wyatt started firing at Lawson, who was hit in the pelvis and knee. He fired back, hitting Wyatt in the shoulder. Troopers say Wyatt ran, but was later found hiding in the woods three blocks away. Wyatt’s now charged with attempted murder.

Capt. Richard Steen has learned a few things after 25 years of patrol. He’s learned to never let his guard down. He’s reflecting over the recent news, knowing it could have been him because he's served a lot of warrants over the years.

Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger still patrols, like Steen, when he can. The most recent domestic call he went on, he found a man stabbed to death on his front porch. He calls it “a serious call right off the bat, because you've got somebody stabbed that you can confirm by the caller, and you know somebody is armed with a knife.”

It's estimated that 20,000 calls a day are made around the country about domestic violence. Last year in Calloway County, members of law enforcement responded to more than 500 of them. Steger says dispatch plays a vital role in their protection. The questions they ask, such as "Are there weapons in the house? Is there alcohol involved? Are there drugs involved?” prepare officers for what they may encounter.

Steen thinks a lesson can be learned from this. “This job has a whole lot more to it than some people realize. There are a lot of my brothers and sisters in blue putting their lives on the line every day for them,” Steen said. 

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