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U.S. 60 improvements bring praise and criticism

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KEVIL, Ky. -

Traffic rarely sits still in Kevil.

"Very busy all the time," said Jimmilyn Deweese. 

She owns the Burger Bar in town. The traffic keeps her business open, but it also causes concern.

"There's a lot of wrecks up there outside of Kevil. We call it Deadman's Corner. There's a lot of wrecks up through there," Deweese explained. 

The state's six year highway plan called for a new four-lane road that would bypass Kevil. The road would be built behind Deweese's property, and because of that she sees the potential for a drop in business. "I think that would have a negative impact on us," she said, including the other nearby business along the highway.

U.S. 60 is one of the state's major east-west highways. The chairman of the Ballard County Industrial Board said, because of all the traffic and the wear and tear on the highway, any and all improvements are welcome. "We realize the necessity of the road being improved," said Clyde Elrod.

He remembers when the road was first built in the 1930s. He believes as the population grew over the years, the shoulder width shrank, resulting in fewer safety measures. "As you get closer to LaCenter, it's quite severe," Elrod said.

He hopes the changes bring more economic opportunity, not just for businesses. but all development. That would create easier access between Ballard and McCracken County. "We've been in many six year plans, so we are familiar with it. We're happy to know we are in it right now," he told Local 6.

The total cost, as projected by the state, would be a little more than $22 million.

To view the state's six year plan, click here.

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