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Candidates on the stump ahead of Tuesday's vote

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Sen. Ted Cruz says if each of his supporters can find nine friends to vote for him in North Carolina's presidential primary on Tuesday, he can overcome Republican front-runner Donald Trump.
Cruz told journalists after a rally in North Carolina today that voters will be upset if the GOP nominee is the result of a brokered deal at the convention.
Meanwhile, Marco Rubio says America is turning into "a nation where people hate each other," a reference to violence at GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump's rallies.
He says the protesters and Trump alike share blame.
Rubio, speaking in Florida, says conservatism is not about "how angry can you get, how offensive can you be, how loud can you speak."
Trump is blaming Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for increasingly frequent disruptions at the GOP hopeful's massive campaign rallies, and he says he has the answer: Send his supporters to Sanders' rallies.
Sanders replied: "Send them. They deserve to see what a real honest politician sounds like."

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