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Glasses that focus themselves under development

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As we get older, our vision changes. You may have to pick up a pair of bifocals or reading glasses to read your monthly bills or even a greeting card. Here's a new invention that will keep your vision 20-20. 

Two hidden optical sensors on the glasses frame constantly analyze the eye's pupillary distance, which changes whenever we try to focus on a different depth in our field of vision.

The sensors then send the information to processors. Then the glasses adjust to bring things into focus, no matter where you look. Deep Optics raised $4 million to continue the development, so no word on when omnifocal glasses could come to the market,

Finally, an answer to the question we've all asked: If i close an app on my phone, will it make the battery last longer?  People have debated this for some time: Should I swipe those multitask apps closed?

An iphone user got to the bottom of it, emailing Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook didn't respond, but the head of Apple's software development did, emailing
him back that he doesn't do it, and "No, it won't affect your battery."

 Another Apple employee says swiping to close apps can actually make your battery life worse. That's because you're forcing your phone to reopen the apps every time you use one.

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