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Bus troubles leave local veterans group stranded repeatedly

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Lack of reliable transportation has left a local group of veterans stranded one too many times.  retired servicemen Larry Largent and Bill Hatfield say they've been to more funerals than they can count.

"We look at the face of the family that we're servicing and god almighty it makes it all worthwhile," said Largent.  "It's very sad but it also warms your heart in the sense that this is the very last thing we can do to honor that comrade," said Hatfield.

Unfortunately, they remember some of the funerals for the wrong reasons.  "There was a funeral we did a few weeks ago out near Goreville, and the bus got us there ok," said Largent.  "One of the young soldiers looked at me and said 'Larry look at that bus it's leaking oil like crazy.'"

Looking at it from the outside, the old bus looks pristine, but underneath the hood is a different story.  "The air conditioner goes out twice a year.  One of the coldest days of the year it left us stranded," said Hatfield.  "The motor is just about shot," replied Largent.

That's why they're asking for your help looking for a replacement.

"We're not looking for anything fancy," said Largent.  "We're not looking for a tour bus or anything like that.  We're looking for a bus that will seat about 18 people."

They've set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for a new bus.  You donate, click here

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