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Second Zika case reported in Kentuckian

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A west Kentucky man is the second Kentuckian to test positive for the Zika virus after traveling to a Caribbean country, according to the Kentucky Department for Public Health. 

The DPH said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the test results to the state agency Monday. The DPH says the man experienced Zika-related symptoms while traveling in recent months, but has fully recovered from the illness.

In the DPH announcement, Dr. Kraig Humbaugh, senior deputy commissioner for the DPH, said the second Zika case in a Kentucky resident shows the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid mosquito bites if you're traveling in areas where Zika is circulating.

“Zika virus is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito and is circulating in many areas of the world where Kentuckians travel for vacation, work and mission trips,” Humbaugh said. “Simple measures like using repellant and wearing appropriate clothing can make all the difference in terms of preventing illnesses like Zika and other vector-borne diseases.”

The DPH noted that Zika is not known to be circulating in the mosquito population in Kentucky or any other part of the United States. 

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