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Jury recommends 7.5 year sentence for Conrad

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The jury returned that verdict in Jeff Conrad's murder trial Monday. While they found him guilty of second degree manslaughter,  they said he's not guilty of murder and not guilty of first degree manslaughter.

After the jury returned a guilty verdict for second degree manslaughter, the jury had to recommend a sentence. The defense and prosecution were allowed to present brief statements to the jury about how long they believe Conrad should spend in jail. The penalty for second degree manslaughter is five to 10 years. The prosecution recommended 10, the defense five.

The jury ultimately recommended a sentence of seven and a half years. 

Conrad's attorney, Doug Moore,  presented more testimony about Conrad as a person, including testimony from his mother. She told us about how Conrad was adopted, how he was an attentive son, but how he was bullied as a kid.

After closing statements, the jury went back into the deliberation room to decide how much time he should serve, including the amount of time he should spend in jail before he's able to go to the parole board.

It took the jury about three hours to come back with a guilty verdict of second degree manslaughter, and six to seven minutes for a verdict on sentencing.

Prosecuting attorney Dan Boaz said the jury listened to a lot of evidence, and doesn't doubt the jury's verdict.

“I think there were things that it wasn't in perfect self-defense, that he thought he was acting defensive, so, for others. But it was not, under the law" Boaz said.

It will be a little more than a year before Conrad can go before the parole board, but his the time he's spent in jail already still counts towards that. The judge will sentence Conrad in May.

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