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Rand Paul speaks at Crittenden County town hall meeting

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Dozens of people from around our area crowded a room Tuesday to get their questions answered by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul. 

Paul spoke at a town hall meeting in the Crittenden County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon. He answered questions on topics including vaccinations, gun control and Common Core education.

The senator said his main goal during his visit was to let people know how he thinks their tax dollars are being spent.

"As I travel around Kentucky I want to make sure people know I think their government could do a better job with their money, that taxes they pay and send to Washington are not being used wisely, that there's a lot of wasteful spending and that our borrowing ultimately effects community here," Paul said.

About the terror attacks in Brussels Tuesday that killed 34 people, Paul said he's "sad and I guess always a little perplexed why people would kill innocent women, children, people going about their business. And I guess I don't understand those people or understand that kind of hatred or how they think they're accomplishing something by killing innocent people."

The visit is part of a tour he's taking around the state. He also visited Hopkins County Tuesday.

Paul faces James Gould and Stephen Slaughter in the Republican U.S. Senate primary race in May.

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