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Marion, Kentucky voters turn down alcohol sales at restaurants

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Voters in Marion, Kentucky, have turned down alcohol sales at restaurants in city limits. In the special election Tuesday, 298 voted no and 245 voted yes.

The sales would have only applied to restaurants in city limits with 50 or more seats. The restaurants would also have to get 70 percent of their gross receipts from the sale of food if alcohol is bought with a meal.

Some hoped that would open the door for more alcohol sales in Crittenden County, but others said it would only lead to problems.

"It's revenue for the city and the county and that helps keep our taxes down and stuff like that, so in the long run I think it's good," said Chuck Shipley, who lives in Marion.

"I say no, because you're going to drink in the restaurant, and you're going to get in a car and drive home whether it's here in town, out in the county, wherever," said Willard Guill, who lives in Crittenden County.

In 2000, voters turned down alcohol sales in a county wide election. Voters have also turned down two petitions for county-wide sales since.

Tyler Collins had a petition signed to make the special election happen. He says he was disappointed in the results, but is going to keep pushing for alcohol sales in Marion. He's already passing around a petition for a special election for packaged sales at liquor stores in the city.

Crittenden County Judge Executive Perry Newcom says this election cost the county $10,000.

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