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Sen. Durbin back from Cuba, making plans for Illinois' future

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Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois is back from his trip to Cuba with President Barack Obama, where they were working to reestablish relations with the country.

WPSD spoke to the senator over the phone, and he says a relationship with Cuba can be beneficial for people in Illinois.

"Turns out Cuba, who has not been using chemicals for years, is in a position to move immediately toward growing organic food, and there's quite a market opportunity here in the United States," says Durbin. "We can sell them corn, soybeans, rice, meat and more of the things they need, and they can sell back organic food that we can use."

A number of Americans are criticizing the president, saying he should have cut his Cuba trip short after the bombing in Brussels.

Durbin says he's supporting the president's decision to stay after the attack.

"I totally reject this notion that President Obama should have suspended his scheduled activities, return to the White House and stay behind closed curtains," says Durbin. "We are not going to quit functioning as a government because of a terrorist attack in another country."

The senator says if we hide, ISIS wins, and he's not going to let that happen.

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