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Paducah's Dogwood Trail is postponed due to late blooms

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The lighted Dogwood Trail in Paducah many of us enjoy every year is postponed. The trail was supposed to begin on Easter Sunday, but not now.

Trees along the trail haven't fully bloomed. The Paducah Civic Beautification Board, which plans the trail each year, says the lack of blooms all comes down to Mother Nature.

Pink or white, many dogwoods throughout Paducah haven't bloomed yet. 

"We're looking now at the end of March and we have really haven't had spring yet," said Crystal Sanders with Sanders Nursery. 

She says it's slowed down business.

"When people see things around town blooming, they'll come in or call us and they're looking for that plant or tree," Sanders said.

The blooms mean a lot to homeowners on this street, like Tutu Maggard.

"It's just a big part of who we are on this street and what we're about," Maggard said.

This street lights up in the spring as part of the Dogwood Trail, which will get a late start, thanks to the late blooms.

Sanders says during some of the warmer days we had these plants started to bud but then we got some cold nights and days and it slowed that process down. She says to be patient.

"Just let them do their own thing. We're in nature's hands," Sanders said.

In no time people like Maggard will be able to look out their windows and see the colors that have everyone talking.

"There's something about all the blooming trees almost at one time, and it's just fabulous," Maggard said.

Sanders says give it another week and we should start seeing these trees blooming through out the area.

There will still be an opening celebration, even though we don't know when it will take place. It all just depends on when the dogwoods bloom.

The Dogwood Trail Art and Photography contest dates remain the same. 

The Paducah Civic Beautification Board Dogwood Tree Sale will be held Saturday, April 2, at these participating nurseries:
 Blooms and Gardens
Eads Nursery
Edwards Nursery
Montgomery Gardens
Sanders Nursery
Wahl's Garden and Landscape Shoppe 

For a map and updates on the Dogwood Trail opening head to the Dogwood Trail facebook or website.

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