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Sansone website still mentions Paducah development

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Sansone is still determined to build a shopping center in McCracken County.

Their company website as of Friday is still promoting the location and says only 9% of the 380,000 square foot center is still available for lease.

This comes after a lawsuit between Sansone and the Greater Paducah Economic Development Council along with the Paducah Economic Development Foundation and Scott Darnell was resolved and dismissed.

Sansone had sued the groups and Darnell for defamation in connection to the proposed site.

Paducah city leaders denied the deal because Sansone asked for tax incentives.

Both sides say the case was resolved and refused to comment further.

We filed an open records request to see what both sides agreed upon.

We were given a settlement agreement which mentions that both sides agreed to keep the terms of the settlement confidential.

The Paducah Economic Development is a public-private partnership with Paducah and McCracken County.

We are looking to see if any tax money was used and if so how much. We are still waiting on those answers.

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