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New details surrounding death of Gary Lambert

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A single gun shot to the back of the head is how investigators believe 47-year-old Gary Lambert died. His body was found Friday in the yard of an abandoned home near Possum Trot, Kentucky. Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars says one of the suspects gave them a general idea of where to look. They found Lambert's body several hours later.

This all comes after a long line of crimes Joseph Cunningham and Kristy Keener are accused of committing.

McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden says the two were staying with a friend at 4102 Schneidman Road in Paducah. Investigators say they were kicked out for not paying rent.

On Thursday, crews were called out to the home for a fire, which investigators ruled as arson and Cunningham was their prime suspect.

"Statements that had been given to us would indicate he was somewhat upset about that, about being basically evicted," says Sheriff Hayden. "The investigation revealed that Mr. Cunningham did in fact enter that residence through a window. He burglarized the home. He stole the firearms and he set fire to it."

Fast forward to Friday. Cunningham and Keener were pulled over in Southern Illinois. They were driving Lambert's car but there was no sign of Lambert. Investigators went by his home but he wasn't there.

Then, McCracken County Deputies stopped by Shooters Supply in Paducah, where Lambert worked. They asked his co-workers if they had seen these two people, holding up pictures of Cunningham and Keener. That's when they brought up Thursday's surveillance video and say they saw the couple stealing items from the store.

Cunningham and Keener face multiple charges but as of now, Cunningham is the only one charged in Lambert's death.

Investigators with the Marshall County Sheriff's Office are trying to figure out what the relationship is between Cunningham and Lambert.

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