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CrossFit Murray not affected by city power outage

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At about 2 p.m. Murray experienced a power outage from last night’s severe thunderstorms that shut down stop lights and closed restaurants momentarily.

One place not affected, CrossFit Murray.

Any normal day at CrossFit Murray the music is blaring and everyone is following their routine.

But Thursday that routine was a bit off.

"I knew traffic was crazy,” CrossFit Murray member Nick Calhoon said. “Restaurants were closed."

But it didn't stop him or others from their workouts at CrossFit Murray.

"I really didn't expect at all the gym to be closed. We've worked out in crazier conditions and so it never even crossed my mind," Calhoon said.

"Our body weight is a great resistance exercise,” CrossFit Murray co-owner Angie McCord said. “Barbells don't need electricity. The pull-up bar (doesn’t) need electricity. The ropes don't need electricity." 

Although it was an unusual day at CrossFit Murray there were a few things members missed today.

"I miss the radio a lot,” CrossFit Murray member Shae McKinney said. “I'm very much a music person so I kind of had to self-motivate today."

Added Calhoon: "You really just have to play songs in your head."

"I miss the fan,” CrossFit Murray member Sandy Rushing said jokingly. “I always work out in front of the fan."

Regardless, a workout, is better than no workout.

"When I don't work out a lot of stress that I typically burn at the gym I don't burn off, so it helps me sleep at night," CrossFit Murray member Chanda Smith said.

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