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Baby Sarah celebrated 16 years later

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It was 16 years ago that “baby Sarah” was found dead on a boat ramp in Pinkneyville, Illinois. In that time, no one has been arrested and no family of the baby has been identified. The community celebrated her life Saturday during family fun day. 

Instead of spending time at the park, Cathy Keller took her granddaughter and her friend to the cemetery to teach them about Sarah. “Where’s baby Sarah,” she asked them. “With Jesus,” they replied.

All that’s known about Sarah is a head stone paid for by local sheriff’s deputies. Although April 2nd is a reminder of a tragedy Betti Mucha , the Executive Director, Perry-Jackson Child Advocacy Center , says it’s also a reminder that help is available. It’s the purpose of family fun day. Mucha says she hopes people there know “child abuse exists, that there's ways they can prevent it and help.”

Although sometimes criticized for keeping the open case alive, Mucha says “It needs to be brought up. She needs to be remembered or else her life, her death was for nothing.”

That’s why Keller was at the graveside, to show some love to the baby that all of Perry County loves.

 It’s all part of child abuse awareness month. To learn more click here

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