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Six things to know - 4/6/15

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Here are six things to know for today.

Ballard County, Kentucky will take a direct loss of $301 million because of the Verso paper mill closing. $400 million statewide will also be lost, including jobs in logging, trucking, housing, and health care.

Cruz and Sanders are walking away from the Wisconsin primary as winners. Trump said he will not give a concession speech. Clinton, Trump, and Cruz all said they're now focused on the election ahead in New York.

Federal agents now have all the videos from the anti-abortion activist known for taking undercover videos in Planned Parenthood clinics.

Rescue workers are helping people get to safety in China this morning. That's as floods, hails, and mudslides continue to destroy several provinces. So far, three people have died.

People in Kansas and Arkansas are evacuating their homes this morning as wildfire spreads. So far, 150 left their homes and now mandatory evacuations are underway in Alma, Arkansas.

There will be lane and load width restrictions along the Ohio River "Cairo" Bridge. That bridge runs between Wickliffe, Kentucky and Cairo, Illinois.

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