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Murray group packs meals for families in need

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More families are struggling to provide their children with a meal.

Numbers from Murray's Kids Against Hunger program show in 2010 about 800 families used the area's food assistance program, Need Line. Now they show that number has jumped to 1,200. That's why members of the Murray Rotary Club filled packages on Thursday.

The sound of tape filled the Murray Banquet Center as boxes were packaged, ready to be delivered to places around Calloway County.

"We're here to help feed 10,000 kids," said Ethne Taylor. 

Ethne and her siblings helped prepare and package meals. On Thursday, their specialty was macaroni and cheese.

Thousands of  bags were filled with noodles, cheese and soy protein to be put in boxes and sent out.

"It feels a little sad to know that some kids don't have a lot of food," Ethne said.

That was Loretta Jobs goal when she and her husband founded Murray's Kids Against Hunger program, getting children to understand the need to help others.

"I had a little boy come up to me and say, 'I know they would make a package for me if I was hungry,' That's my reward," Jobs said.

Jobs says Kids Against Hunger usually package meals in the fall, winter, and summer. The meals are sent to churches and programs to give out to families in need. The Murray Rotary Club used a grant to make the distribution happen this spring. Jobs says it came just in time to hold them over through the summer distribution.

"In fact, we have had some request that they are out of food," Taylor said.

"I feel great. It's a great opportunity to help," said Elijh Taylor.

The Taylors couldn't be happier to step in and help meet that need.

The Murray Rotary Rotary Club packaged 4,564 meals on Thursday for Kids Against Hunger. The meals are now available to families who need them.

If you need a meal, you can call your church and ask if it's taking part. You can also go to Need Line, the Family Resource Center, or Soup for the Soul in Calloway County.

Murray's Kids Against Hunger has packaged 527,000 meals since it started in 2010.

The summer packaging takes place in June.

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