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Murray woman uses CrossFit as "a life changer"

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Everyone works out for different reasons.

Some people do it to stay fit or lose weight, or like in CrossFit, use it as a sport traveling to competitions.

But for Vickie Herndon of Murray, she used it to change her life around. 

"I had tried to do Zumba, but hurt my knee,” Herndon said. “My doctor told me I was too old and too out of shape to be exercising."

Herndon also struggled with daily routines.

"We have a two story house and I couldn't climb the steps without holding onto the rail. I couldn't carry a vacuum cleaner. I couldn't carry anything up the steps," Herndon said.

That's when Herndon gave CrossFit Murray a try.

"CrossFit built the muscles up in my knee. Now I can climb the steps, don't hold onto the hand rail, and (I can) do lots of other things. I play golf," Herndon said.

"A lot of people watch the CrossFit games on TV and they're like well I can't do that,” co-owner of CrossFit Murray Angie McCord said. “It's about taking this one hour a day in the gym to make your life easier."

But Herndon admits after four years of CrossFit, three times a week, it's been more than just that.

"This is a life changer. It's not just a hobby, I enjoy it. I want to keep doing it," Herndon said.

"That's just kind of been Vickie's story that she tells everybody. It’s functional. It's given me my life back," McCord said.

And with the same determination she used to prove her doctor wrong, she plans to use in staying fit for the rest of her life.

"I've never stuck with anything as long as I have CrossFit and don't ever foresee quitting CrossFit,” Herndon said. “I'm going to be one of the oldest people here."

It's one of the many goals Herndon hopes to accomplish. 

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