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Julie Griffith's friends support each other during Keith Griffith Dateline special

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Friends of Julie Griffith are a few of the millions of people who watched a Dateline special Friday night detailing her murder.

"I'm just hoping it will be good closure, not that I'll ever ever stop missing her and loving her," said Julie's friend Debbie Riley.

On Friday, Dateline Correspondent Dennis Murphy profiled the case, the trial it led to and Keith Griffith's decision to plead guilty to his wife's 2014 death. In the special, we heard from their children and Keith Griffith himself.

"All I can tell you is I had a lot of bad thoughts, wrong thoughts, mistakes. I  really cant tell you. I don't know," Griffith told Murphy during the interview.

"Why'd you do it?" Murphy asked.

"I really can't tell you, I really don't know. Just a bad decision," Griffith said.

While the case makes headlines, Julie's close friends have a much different memory of her life.

"How she enjoyed life, how she enjoyed her grand kids, how she enjoyed her friends, how she enjoyed church," said Kim Tate.

Kim Tate, her husband John Tate, Debbie Riley and Mendy Harris became a tight-knit group after meeting Julie in church years ago.

"You didn't even have to ask her to do anything for you. If she knew you had something going on, if you needed something, she was on the phone calling you," Riley said.

Friday night they came together again to support each other as they relived the tragedy.

"She was very loved. We know her family loved her, but she was also loved by her church family and friends," Tate said.

Now they hold onto every story gift or reminder they have of her and share them to keep her memory alive: the memory of a fun-loving mother, grandmother and friend.

Keith Griffith was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

If you missed the episode, Dateline posted parts of Griffith's interview and the episode online. 

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