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Brookport church holds community service day to spruce up town

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Brookport, IL -

Sunday's soggy weather wasn't a complete washout for members of Brookport's Church of God.

"There's always ways you can help," said Zachary Hogue.

He spent his morning at the riverbank, picking up months - maybe even years - of debris.  "We all try to come out here and do the best we can," he said. 

It's all part of the church's first ever 'Community Service Day, where, for one morning, volunteers lend a helping hand in sprucing up for spring.

"Jesus said we are the light of the world and that's what we feel obligated to be to our community.  Our church is part of this community," said Youth Pastor Ryan Summers. 

The clean-up stretched throughout the town which Summers said is trying to turn the page after several recent weather-related setbacks.  "The city has been through a lot over the last few years. But, we feel there is a lot of good in Brookport, too."

That is why Hogue decided to pitch in.  He's from Brookport and said it was worth his time to make it feel and look like home.

"We've had our own setbacks but that doesn't always mean that we have to stay in that state of mind," Hogue told Local 6.

65 volunteers worked to fill 16 55 gallon trash bags. 

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