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Former Carbondale City Council member sentenced to probation

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Former Carbondale City Council member Lance Jack was sentenced to probation Monday after pleading guilty to resisting a peace officer, according to Jackson County, Illinois, States Attorney Michael Carr. 

Carr's office says Carbondale police conducted a traffic stop on Jack's vehicle on Jan. 30, and that Jack: "had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person, his speech was slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery."

Jack refused the officer's request that he perform field sobriety tests, Carr's office says, and that he would not step out of his vehicle even after officers made multiple requests. Officers eventually removed him from the vehicle and arrested him. 

Jack was sentenced Monday to 12 months probation, a $500 fine and 100 hours of public service work. Conditions of Jack’s probation include getting an alcohol abuse evaluation, completing any recommended treatment and attending a victim impact panel. His driver’s license was suspended for 12 months, which Carr's office says is for refusing to consent to a breathalizer test, and he may not drive a vehicle without a breath alcohol ignition interlock device.

A DUI charge and other charges were dropped as part of Jack's plea deal, Carr's office says. 

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