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Custodians fear job loss in Calloway County

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Calloway County, KY -

The approval of Calloway County’s school district budget cut proposal has many custodians, like Sharon Dasilvi, devastated.

“We’re supposed to be role models to these children and look what they’re taking away,” Dasilvi said. "It’s not just money. You’re hurting people’s lives here.”

Dasilvi currently works at Calloway County High School, but fears unemployment will be the result of this transition. With that in mind she immediately thinks of her family.

“I have a baby that was born early, and she’s currently at Vanderbilt Hospital and she’s depending on the insurance that I get from Calloway County.” she said.

The county currently staffs 21 custodians, but according Thursday's proposal, the district will only outsource some of its custodians to an outside cleaning company, GCA services. Those with less than five years of experience will no longer be employed by the state,  saving more than $130,000 annually. Those who have been on the job longer than five years will stay on the district's current payroll.

Despite employees' reaction, board members and Superintendent, Tres Settle believe there is a lot to look forward to.

“There are people in this district right now that will make more money working with this company than they ever had compared to when they worked for the district,” Settle said.

Yet, no matter the benefits, Dasilvi says there's no positive outcome. 

"There's no hope. I mean, it looks like they made their decision," Dasilvi said.

Though, the proposal was a success Thursday night there are still some things that need to be finalized, including pay and employee background checks.  This is one piece of the district's overall budget cut proposal, which totals $878,000. Employees hired by GCA will start working the beginning of the new fiscal year, July 1. 

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