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Former assistant principal Jerry Walker's diversion agreement revoked

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Calloway County, KY -

An agreement to keep Former Paducah Middle School assistant principal Jerry Walker out of prison for charges out of Calloway County was revoked on Tuesday.

"I wish I could come up with a reason why Mr. Blakenship could not be sustained in this. But I cannot, so I stipulate that under the law, as he cites that, the diversion should be revoked by the court," defense attorney Dennis Null said.     

Walker walked into court on Tuesday in handcuffs. Earlier this month, a jury found him guilty of fabricating evidence to appeal his termination from the middle school. Tuesday's appearance was connected to a 2001 case in which a judge declared a mistrial after a deadly Murray State dorm fire.

In 2012, Walker went on trial again regarding that fire. He was acquitted of first degree murder and second degree manslaughter. A week before that trial, a grand jury indicted Walker on tampering with evidence following the fire. Walker then entered a diversion agreement on that charge.      

Under the agreement, all the charges against him be dismissed if he followed certain terms. Those terms include performing community service, writing a letter of apology and remaining drug and alcohol free subject to random drug screenings. He also needed to keep a clean record for five years. He was found guilty of three felonies in McCracken County this month, four years into that diversion agreement.

That's why Null agreed Tuesday in court that Walker's diversion should be revoked. That means he faces 10 years in prison on top of the three years a jury recommended for the McCracken County case.

Null also filed a motion asking that Walker be paroled. The motion claims the commonwealth has been trying to use the charges against Walker to get him to admit to starting the fire.

Commonwealth Attorney Mark Blakenship says he will fight against giving Walker parole. 

"He's shown a pattern here, and it shows disrespect for the court system. I mean, people lie and bring false evidence up to these cases. You're just constantly dealing with lying and evidence that taints the whole system," Blakenship said.

Walker will be sentenced in the McCracken County case on July 1. He will be sentenced in the Calloway County case on July 8.

Right now, he faces a total of 13 consecutive years in prison. Walker will remain in Calloway County Jail, and that time counts toward his sentence.

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