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Chiropractor accused of sexual abuse appears in court

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A local chiropractor accused of sexually abusing 13 women made his first court appearance Wednesday in Graves County.

He went in with 13 first degree sexual abuse charges and two charges of indecent exposure.

Here's where he stands now, after the preliminary hearing:

  • Four of those first degree sexual abuse charges were dropped to third degree, making them misdemeanors.
  • Three of those, police reports say, happened more than a year ago, so they were thrown out.
  • The two indecent exposure charges were also dropped because of a statute of limitations.

So, McAdoo now has nine felony charges going to a grand jury and one misdemeanor charge.

There was a lot of back and forth between defense attorney Bryan Wilson and the prosecutor.

The judge, along with the two lawyers, were listening carefully to victim testimony to determine whether any of the events were forced.

Since many of the allegations involve touching under clothing, Wilson said he believes they should be misdemeanor charges.

Wilson told us he's pleased with the judge’s ruling and looks forward to telling their side of the story. "He can't say anything right now, and it's hard for him to sit there and hear these things said about him and have to stay quiet, but that's what he had to do," Wilson said of his client. 

The grand jury meets on June 9.

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