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Paducah firefighters practice lifesaving drills

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One after the other, Paducah firefighters grabbed their gear and headed inside Jackson House Apartments.

At nearly 20 stories, the building is one of the tallest in Paducah, and it's home to more than 200 people, including Bob Patton.

"It's one thing when you hear, 'This is a drill, this is a drill,' but it's another thing when you hear, 'This is not a drill, this is not a drill,'" says Patton.

Luckily for him, Monday was just a drill.

Paducah Fire Department Captain Patrick Hatton says it was also a training opportunity for firefighters.

"High-rises pose unique hazards, unique circumstances," says Hatton.

Hatton says a big obstacle is getting equipment and water up to the top, and making sure they're communicating with each other along the way.

"We're not all gathered around a house, you know. We're kind of spread out," says Hatton.

Hatton says every person should have an evacuation plan that doesn't involve an elevator, but when you live in a high-rise, taking the stairs can be difficult.

"You have these handicapped people up there, and there's really no way to get them down," cays Patton.

"That's why we do have drills and we do train on unique structures, such as this," says Hatton.

Practice makes perfect and, in this case, it can save your life.

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