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Some John A. Logan staff to return after layoff

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John A. Logan College in Carterville Illinois cut 55 of its faculty members earlier this month to try and make up for the millions held up by the Illinois budget impasse. Tuesday night, some faculty members found out they're coming back this fall.

Of the 55 laid off employees, 13 will return. Nine of those are teaching staff, all from different disciplines. That announcement was made in a board meeting Tuesday night. The college's interim president tells me this is the first step in trying to bring back all 55 laid off staff members. 

Several employees retiring from John A. Logan College is what will allow those 13 to return to work. That announcement didn't get much of a reaction from the crowd at the board meeting. Many in attendance were upset more staff members aren't returning to work. 

Interim president Ron House says it costs $3 million a month to run this school. He hopes they'll be able to recall back more faculty in the future.

"We're very happy we were able to do that only one month after we laid them off, and so we are definitely hoping in the future we have additional opportunities," House says.

House says there isn't a timeline of when they will bring back more faculty, but laid off faculty members have a two-year period when they can be recalled. Faculty negotiation manager and English teacher Matt Garrison says this recall is bitter sweet.

"The faculty association is extremely please to see some of the faculty come back," Garrison says. "Obviously we remain deeply troubled that anyone is riffed, and this ordeal is going to go on sometime longer." 

Garrison says in the  meantime they're trying to find ways to help those laid off.

On Monday Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill sending $600 million to state colleges and universities. John A Logan college is getting $4 million.

Some say the money could bring back more staff, but the interim president says they need that money for other school costs, and the money delays having to borrow money to stay open.

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