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New accountability measures heading to school districts

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A child's success in the classroom is often in the hands of the teacher. Murray Middle School science teacher Amy Brown said the way she's educating her students is always evolving.

"As our world changes, we have to kind of keep up with that, and I think the way we hold our students accountable for that needs to change as well," Brown said. 

For the first time in 14 years, states can now develop their own accountability systems. Eleven town halls, hosted by Kentucky Education Commissioner Dr. Stephen Pruitt, provide a chance for parents and educators to give their input into what that accountability looks like.  "The federal government really told us what accountability needs to look like, and now we get an opportunity to develop something special for Kentuckians," Pruitt told Local 6.

Pruitt wants to do away with schools receiving points based on student performance and graduation rates. He said it's often the teachers focused on achieving high levels of success and not the students.  "The students are at the center of this and accountability falls where it may. But, it's not about adults chasing points. It's actually about students," he said. 

Brown, who's also a mother, is pushing for more accountability in the arts: an area she says is underfunded and underutilized.

"When they starts taking away that accountability, it makes it one of the things that's easy to let slide and not fund," Brown said. 

Murray's town hall was the 11th and last throughout the state. Pruitt wants to have a new plan developed and replaced for public input in November. 

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