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County leaders hope to allow more money for parks

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With so much green space in McCracken County, it's difficult to make one green space more of a priority. 

County leaders continued work shopping the budget for this year, and they say in this year's budget they want to move park improvements closer to the top of the list. But they say all the county's parks can't be on the same playing field.

Bambi Fox says Carson Park has been a stable staple for her horses and her. Fox says she's trained her horses here for decades, and she remembers when it was in better condition. She says she still loves using the space, but it's lacking more than just improvements.

"To me, the biggest need for this park or any park is to have people using it," says Fox.

Carson Park isn't the only park the county's looking to improve.

McCracken County Judge Executive Bob Leeper says there are many parks in the county, but the county doesn't own all of them. Leeper says that's what makes budgeting for all the different parks a "budgeting quagmire." Leeper says the county helps all the parks in some way, but it's the volunteer base that keeps the parks running.

"Trying to be fair and equitable across the board, but at the same time trying to improve those facilities," says Leeper.

Fox says she can escape to the green space, but with horses, it's a step above the rest.

"It has a lot of potential if they'll just get some guidance and get some help," says Fox.

Leeper says the starting budget for the parks will be similar to last year's: $250,000. He says they'll look for more money to move toward the parks as they continue through the budget.

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