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What the Tech: Tech gifts for grads

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Millions of high school and college graduates will walk across the stage next month with a diploma in hand and dreams in their eyes.

If you're looking for that perfect grad gift, you're probably thinking about technology. Consumer technology reporter Jamey Tucker has some gift ideas you might not have thought of.

The new iPad Pro is the best device to come from Apple since the original iPhone. This tablet is powerful and could replace a laptop but is very thin and light. You can't go wrong with the 9.7" iPad pro starts at around $700. This is a gift that won't be outdated in 4 years, iPads have a long shelflife.

If that's more than you want to spend, a Chromebook computer is perfect laptop replacement for college students. It's no Macbook, but students love them for their small size and light weight. They connect to the internet and use Google's huge family of services and programs. Good for writing papers, watching videos, taking notes. You can find some Chromebooks for around $220 from Acer, Samsung, HP and Asus.

The Ventev desktop charging hub keeps students from crawling under furniture to plug in a charging cables. It has two AC outlets and three USB ports, it also has these slots to hold a phone and tablet while they're charging. It weighs just enough to keep from moving around on the desk and will do the job while keeping the study area neat. It's a reasonable $60.

Fitbits make good gifts, but the Misfit has style. These activity trackers come in several colors, the gold is especially snazzy. And the disc pops out of the wrist strap so it can be attached to a bag or shoes, even on a necklace. The Misfit Shine 2 is $100.

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