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Students protest at SIU Carbondale

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May 2nd is a day of planned protest at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Those protests were supposed to be about student loan debt, but when an anonymous video posted online promised lynching and violence against African-Americans on campus, the march now includes anti-racism and black lives matter protesters.

The march began outside Faner Hall. Hundreds of students came marching through, carrying signs and chanting.

They marched through many of the campus buildings, calling on students and faculty to join in as they walked.

Black lives matter, no racism, and funding for schools like SIU are some of the signs carried by protesters as they march around campus Monday morning.

Student protester Rheanna Pulley says she hopes other take a stand for the school.

"I'm out here because the school is in danger, the state is in danger. We need the politicians to know that we need his money, we need our employees, we need peace on this campus," said Pulley.

Keeping an eye on the protest are campus police, Carbondale police, and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

They're following along to make sure the threat of violence against the African-American community does not happen.

SIU says they have taken extensive safety precautions to make  sure everything stays peaceful on campus.

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