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Gadget gifts to get mom on Mother's Day

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Not every mom is a gadget nut, but even the least tech savvy mom can appreciate these cool gadgets.

She may not care much for an Apple Watch, but the next best thing is the Ditto. It connects with her smartphone and sends out an alert whenever she gets a call or text message. Clip it on your clothes, stick it in a pocket or wear it like a watch. It'll also tether to the phone, so when she starts to leave it behind, it'll vibrate to remind her. The Ditto is 30 bucks ­­­

Amazon has several cool gadgets she can use around the house. You've probably seen advertisements for The Echo, the voice activated assistant. It's $180. But the Echo Dot is a hundred dollars less and does everything it's mother does, but without a great speaker. It'll connect to a bluetooth speaker, play music, read the news, answer questions. It's a good deal for $80. ­­­

If mom has an iPad or tablet, a new case is a solid choice. This one from Inateck is a stylish sleeve. That's good if she rarely takes it outside the house. It has a nice feature in that it folds into a stand. You can find it online for $14. ­­­­

If photos are her thing, the Lyve Photo video manager is something to look at. It's not a picture frame, but the manager has 2  terabytes of storage that'll never fill up with photos. The free Lyve app backs up every photo anyone takes with their phone. So, if you take a photo on vacation next summer, it can automatically be sent, shared and saved on this device. It's $115 online. ­­ 

Kindles and fitness trackers, are other great Mother's Day gifts.

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