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Ways to save money on gadgets and tech services

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If you're looking for ways to save money, technology is a good place to start.

Competition among wireless companies can help lower your bill if you've been a loyal customer. We found 5 areas you should examine, to see if you'll cut the cost of tech services you currently use.

  1. Look at your wireless bill to see if you're paying for data you're not using. Wireless companies charge customers by the data they use, and the difference in a 10 GB plan and a 30 GB plan is substantial. How much data do you use each month on your smartphone? Look at your monthly statement, and if you see you're nowhere near  the data allowance, consider lowering the amount of data you pay for. Your monthly statement/bill will show how much data you use each month. Unless you stream a lot of music or video, you're probably paying too much for more than enough data.
  2. Are you paying for smartphone insurance? Apple Care aside, many wireless companies encourage customers to purchase insurance on the devices they use. The insurance generally costs $9 to ­$11 per phone. The device will be covered by major damage, but the most common damage to a smartphone is a broken screen. Smartphone fix it businesses often charge $100 to ­$150 to replace a broken screen. Insurance sold by wireless carriers generally carries a $150 to ­$200 deductible.
  3. Is your contract up with your satellite/internet/phone company? If you've been with the company for several years, it's worth calling to see if they will offer you a lower price for being a loyal customer. In some cases these companies will offer a promotional price that can lower the bill by $30­ to $40. They might also add channels and extras to the plan you use.
  4. Purchase your own cable modem for the internet. Companies rent those to customers for around $10 a month, but customers have the option to buy their own and bypass the rental fee. Check with your internet provider to make sure it will work with their service.
  5. Don't be too quick to upgrade to the latest device. Smartphones and tablets are so advanced now, new devices often don't offer many improvements. By buying a phone outright, a wireless customer can save $30­ to $40 a month on an installment plan.

If you add up the savings for each one of these services and products, you can save well over $100 a month, or $1,200 a year.

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