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Surprise for Sheri - First appointment at Paducah Dental Care

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We first brought you this story a week ago. Local 6's Mychaela Bruner surprised Sheri Jewell with great news. Dr. William Walden and his crew at Paducah Dental Care agreed to give her a smile.

Here is a behind the scenes look at Sheri's first appointment.

This is a moment Jewell has been waiting for, for a long time.  Stepping foot into Paducah Dental Care means life is about to change for Sheri.

"I've never been so excited, except for my kids," said Sheri.

When paperwork is usually long and dreadful, Sheri is putting ink on paper with a smile.  Sheri is meeting Dr. William Walden and his staff for the first time.

This is the team who agreed to fulfill her wish. Sheri has been without teeth for more than 20 years.

"I have NF (Neurofibromatosis), when I was little, I had an illness and the doctor put me on medication that started the rotting of the teeth process. As I got older, the disease chipped away at the teeth and they would just break out," said Sheri.

Dr. Walden volunteered to give Sheri her smile back.

After a quick x-ray and some impressions, Sheri is well on her way to having a beautiful smile..

"Next week we get to pick out my teeth. The shade and color and what I want! Yay," said Sheri.

You can follow Sheri's journey every Tuesday this month on WPSD Local 6.  If you missed Sheri's surprise from last week, click here.

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