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Cleanup begins after tornado touches down in Mayfield

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Late Tuesday night, it's the sounds of chainsaws that fell upon Wayne Drive in Mayfield after tornado damage fell on Cindy Purcell's front yard.

"I was worried about all the neighbors because I seen their house was completely gone," Purcell told Local 6.

Volunteers spent hours cleaning up and many say they will continue overnight.  Purcell's home is still standing but there is damage.  She plans to stay at Winfield Inn for the night.  She doesn't know many of the people who are helping, but she's grateful for their time.

"I'd like to thank them for all their help and really appreciate everybody that came," Purcell said.

It's a different story across the street at Walker Automotive. "We have been here ever since the tornado had went through," said Melinda Driskill.  She's pitching in to remove everything that was not damaged.  She knows the owners and said their livelihood was destroyed in seconds.

"This is what he supports his family with - his wife and his children," Driskill said. She said it's times like this - when cities experienced their worst - that people show their best.

"There has been a lot of volunteers. They have been coming in from everywhere," she said.

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