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Local business owner hit by tornado thankful for friends

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Some people in Mayfield didn't sleep last night after the tornado. Not that they couldn't, but that they didn't.

They were stationed near businesses and homes damaged by the tornado, protecting them from looters.

Terry Collins was one of those who stayed up most of the night outside Grandpa's Attic.

"Someone would be in here taking a bunch of stuff that's just the world," said Collins.

Watching over stuff, but stuff that Grandpa's Attic Manager Drummer Fondaw says is only stuff. Because Fondaw knows first hand how lucky he was to walk away from the wreck.

"I don't want to do it again. I know that I've been through hurricanes on rivers. I've been in Vietnam and that's the only thing you can match. It was like a bomb going off," said Fondaw.

He and two other customers were able to take shelter under an I beam, one of the only parts of the building still standing.

Fondaw says in the storm aftermath he is thankful for those friends by his side.

Now they're just faced with insurance claims and cleanup.

He estimates the total damage to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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