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Ask A Candidate: James Comer running for Congress

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Calloway County, KY -

Kentucky voters have just a few days before they head to the polls. Four Republican candidates are asking for your vote in House District 1. One of them is former Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.

Just 83 votes stood between Comer and becoming the Republican nominee for governor. Many called it a tie, but he calls it a blessing in disguise.

“People in the first district need a voice in Washington just as badly as we needed a voice in Frankfort,” Comer said.

He calls himself a Washington outsider. “Because of my agriculture resume, I will start out in Washington as one the most credible, experienced leaders in agriculture in Congress,” Comer said.

Agriculture wouldn’t be his only priority, though. “We have to balance a budget. We have to secure the border. We have to have a strong national defense, and we have to improve the business climate to where our best and brightest young people can have good paying jobs," he said.

He championed for hemp farming in Frankfort, despite being outnumbered by a Democratic controlled house and Democratic governor. “I want to actually accomplish something. I don't want to fight all the time,” he said. He says no matter who becomes president, he’ll work with Republicans and Democrats.

He told me he has spent this entire campaign talking about the issues instead of putting down his opponents. It's something he really thinks is going to pay off on Election Day. Although he wasn’t able to capture sitting Rep. Ed Whitfield’s endorsement, he says he now knows his purpose is to be a congressman. “My endorsements are coming from the family farmers, from the courthouses in the rural counties, from the people who are just fed up with Washington, D.C.”

Comer has been endorsed by the NRA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

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