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Home of family who lost son on Kentucky Lake hit by tornado

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Many families are working to protect what they have left of their property after a tornado hit Graves County Tuesday. Some are already talking about rebuilding. 

So many emotions overtake Lori Scott when she looks at her home. "Devastation, overwhelming, where do you start, what's the next step," Scott said.

She and her husband David have gone through tragedy before.

"This is a walk in the park compared to what we went through seven years ago," David said.

In 2009, one of their two sons, Jacob Scott, drowned after his boat capsized while he was duck hunting with two friends. That's why Lori couldn't face losing any more when the tornado hit and she realized her husband was still home.

"I survived it. She's alive. My son's alive. The rest can be replaced," David said.

Now their focus has shifted toward protecting what they have left.

"We'll get through, we'll rebuild and our faith will be stronger," Lori said.

On Wednesday, volunteers helped the family take down what was left of the second floor and put a tarp over the first floor to protect it from rain. 

The Scotts say about 80 people from around the community are helping them with their cleanup efforts.

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