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State financial aid could come for tornado damaged Graves County businesses

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One vehicle after another couldn't escape the path of Tuesdays tornado.

"Windows blown out, dents, scrapes, pretty heavy damage, really," Bennett Motors owner Mike Bennett says.

At least 30 vehicles have minor or major damage.  Insurance agents are marking the ones they've looked over and logged. Bennett says the damage is nearing a million dollars. "Probably looking at vehicles alone is 700,000 approximately.  So we'll see," he says. 

The Graves County Economic Development team is surveying damage to 14 business is President Ryan Drane is trying to come up with a plan to help these businesses recover financially.

"We're working right now on the cleanup, and immediately start to rebuild and refocus on getting their businesses back open," Drane says. 

Drane is also working with the state in looking at what economic opportunities are available for business owners.

That could include:

  • Drafting strategies to reopen
  • Working with the state's small business administration
  • And economic development cabinet in offering loans or grants.

"Will meet with them and develop a plan and we will work with them in reaching out to the organization that's most applicable for what they're trying to do," Drane.

"Behind us there is still a lot to be done, a lot of debris," Bennett says.

For Bennett, the tornado put the brakes on any sales he would have made this week, so any financial assistance would help.

"Approval to know that we have that available is awesome," he says. 

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