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Volunteers hard at work to help clean up after tornado

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We're getting a better idea of how many lives are being affected by the tornado and just what people are doing to help them. Lots of people are volunteering their money, time, and energy.

On Wayne Drive in Mayfield, volunteers are moving debris near the road so they can haul it off in a dump truck. Survivors say the clean up wouldn't be possible without the help of the volunteers.

"It was a big jumbled up heap when we started. It looks like a discouraging situation but with everyone working together it makes the project go so much nicer," said Marvin Beachy.

Beachy is with Christian Aid Ministries and with the help of about 20 others, he is hoping to have the area cleared out within a couple of days.

"It's because of the love of God within us that motivates us to help others in the time of need," said Beachy.

Survivor Martin Winfrey is thankful for that help.

"The community has really stepped in. It's been unreal how everyone has pitched in," said Winfrey.

Winfrey and his wife lost everything in the tornado but yet they are hopeful.

"It's just a blessing. It ain't been 20 minutes since they started tearing that barn and they almost have it done already," said Winfrey. 

It's all hands on deck to help these survivors clean up and rebuild their lives.

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