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Ask A Candidate: Jason Batts running for Congress

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Jason Batts spends his day prosecuting criminals and working with city leaders on legal advice as the Hickman County Attorney.

“I'll tell you, the outpouring of support has been incredible across the first district —so many people from a small town like us with one stop light who just feel forgotten,” Batts said. He wants to take his law background to D.C. He says he’s fed up with Washington and business as usual. “It seems like the politicians believe that the district sometimes ends in Bowling Green. We’ve got to have individuals who will stand up for all of us in Kentucky.”

Comer leads in the amount of money raised for his campaign with around $600,000. Mike Pape has raised around $400,000, and Jason Batts has raised around $150,000. He say's not worried. He says it's not money that elects our congressmen, but people.

Being an unknown candidate in Hickman County has encouraged him to work hard in the race. He had this to say about his more well-known opponents: “Mr. Comer's been running for office for 16 years, Mr. Pape's been a congressional aid for 22 years. And that's all fine and well, but we don't need more of the same.”

Batts says his experience as an army captain has allowed him to see a lot of problems up close. “National security, the economy, and then overarching size of the federal government,” would be his priorities, he said, if elected.

He says the election isn’t furthering his campaign; it’s answering a calling. “I think it's time to send one of us to Washington for a change,” he said.

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