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Volunteers help homeowners remove fallen trees

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People around Graves County are helping each other clean up after the storm. Some even came from out of state, like the volunteers cleaning up houses in northern Graves County.

On Tuesday, Lee Nelson was sitting in a chair in his yard with a broken ankle when he got a tornado alert.

"It hasn't been my year, I'm afraid," Nelson said.

When he saw the storm coming toward his home, he never made it inside.

"No sooner than I got out of this chair and went to the door here, it hit that fast," Nelson said.

His barn and shed were gone, his shop was damaged, but his house still stands.

"For it to blow down trees on all sides of the house and none be on the house is nothing short of a miracle," said volunteer John Fuqua.

Fuqua and a group of volunteers from all over the south felt Nelson's yard was so damaged, he would need some help.

"Unbelievable, there had to be at least 20 trees down," Nelson said.

The group worked all day to clear the yard. Nelson says it could have been years before he could get this much work done. 

"I would have eventually got it done, but I really appreciate the help," Nelson said.

Many homes had a lot of tree damage. But unless the trees damage other property, insurance doesn't always cover it. Fuqua says that's a big reason his group is helping with cleanup in the area. 

The volunteers were all members a larger group that helps people rebuild in places hit by natural disasters.

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