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Sen. Sanders shares message of building unity to Paducah crowd

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Building on momentum from polling, Sen. Bernie Sanders made his case for not only the democratic presidential nomination, but for the presidency to a loud and large crowd in downtown Paducah.

"In virtually every national poll and in every statewide poll, we do much better against Trump than does Secretary Clinton," Sen. Sanders said of how well he would perform against Donald Trump.

Sen. Sanders spent much of the speech outlining his presidential plans, including why he wants to raise the minimum wage.  "We have situations where mom is working - where dad is working - where the kids are working - where marriages struggle because of that stress," he said. 

He also took aim at Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's plans to cut funding to universities.  "Take a look at what Governor Bevin and what he is doing.  And then think about the opposite and that's Bernie Sanders," Sanders said.

His plan on treating drug addiction got one of the loudest responses.  Sanders said heroin and opioid addicts should be sent to treatment facilities and not to prison.

"We are not going to go forward unless we recognize that addiction - opioid, heroin addiction, substance abuse - has got to be treated as health issues and not criminal issues," Sanders said.

He acknowledged his path to victory is slim, but told his supporters his movement is making waves in Washington.  "Let Kentucky join the other 19 states so far and demand a political revolution in our country," he said as he closed his speech.

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